Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Gifts For You and Your Partner

Valentine's Day Sex Toy Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Gifts can be tough to choose but we are all set and ready to help you select your ideal sexy Valentine’s Day present for you spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or FWB on February 14th. Get set for some wild and crazy sex with this selection of toys and make Valentine’s 2021 a day to remember!

Surprise your partner with unique sex toy gifts that will have a sexual, exciting place in your bedroom. You will find a new and fun sex toy at Mister Hankey’s Toys, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift, a birthday present, something for the holidays, or a toy to enjoy on any weekday afternoon. From fantasy dildos to removable balls, we’ve compiled a can’t-miss list of our most unconventional gift ideas. Speaking of which, when you add new toys into the mix, we guarantee you will have a ball in bed.

Explore Pegging With a Strap-On Harness This Valentine’s Dat

sex toy for valentines day

Choosing a Valentine’s Day Sex Toy could provide the perfect opportunity for adventurous couples to explore pegging together for the first time. Find a comfortable harness that won’t move around much as you fuck. Watch out for a harness that includes the Vac-U-Lock attachment to easily mount compatible dildos. A little strap-on fun can be enjoyed by couples of all types who like some Role-Reversal. Don’t miss the strong pleasure zone that is the P-spot. A little pegging this Valentines Day could change your whole relationship.

Ensure that you choose a harness to match the strap-ons and dildos you want to use. In most cases, as long as it fits inside a 2″-3″ ring, a harness can accommodate virtually any dildo.

9 Sexy Gifts For Your Valentine’s Day Lover

valentines small sex toys

Grab a 9-pack of sex toys in smaller sizes that feature Hankey’s most common dildos. In terms of value for money, it is an economical pick, but it is also hot as hell. Every night of the week, you can play with a new toy with change to spare. Who would not like to receive such a Valentine’s Day Sex Toy gift?

Often, smaller is better for beginners, which is why Mr Hankey’s sell dildos in the Extra Small Series. If you’re new to the world of dildos, or if you just believe that the best things come in small packages, then you have the chance to buy a little dildo or two that suits just right. Take your time, test your limits, and enjoy your life’s greatest orgasms.

Realistic Dildos for Valentine’s Gifts

valentines day dildo

Size matters, and the imagination cannot ever be outdone by any sexual organ. Fantasy is a core part of everybody’s sex life, but nothing drives fantasy quite like having something strong in your hand. The line of realistic dildos from Mr. Hankey ranges from small to XXX big, bringing to life even the most daring of fantasies. Sizes vary from the small to the outright gigantic, each of them sculpted like the real thing. Hankey’s also sculpt some of their realistic dildos from the molds of popular porn stars. Here’s your chance if you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be with Michael Vegas!

Your Fantasy Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Gift Brought to Life

sex toy valentines gift

In colour and style, The Oni Dildo, a certifiable demon penis, is gorgeous. It’s just the pick for the poundings that many lovers of fantasy dildos look for. As you torment and taunt each other with your new toy, weave together some fantasy-based role play with this Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Gift idea. This is an absolutely beautiful toy, very well sculpted – a real piece of art! Get your Oni today and you’re not going to be disappointed!

There may be more dildos and sex toys in Mr Hankey’s Toys than you could get through in a lifetime, but don’t let that discourage you from trying. Besides, with their range of realistic dildos and out-of-this-world fantasy sex toys, you can explore your kink to its farthest reaches.

Note: This toy is best used solo or with a partner holding it with their hands. It is also ideal for attaching to a Strap-On harness or even a fucking machine but does not stand on its own so it might not be the best toy for purely ‘sit-on’ play due to the curvature of the shaft.

Walking on the Wilder Side This Valentines

Valentines day Beowulf Dildo

Compared to the dildo of the same name, the legend of Beowulf is mild. If your lover has a literary bent, then Beowulf is the perfect Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Gift for her or him for a sex toy. Introduce a beast and brace yourself to work accordingly in the bedroom. Beowulf is meaty and marvellous from top to bottom. Its aesthetics are unmistakable, and they also increase the satisfaction factor of the dildo. You can choose the perfect size depending on what your partner likes, then introduce your lover to its veined, knotted strength.

Hentai Fans Love These Sex Toy Gifts

The Taintacle for Valentine's Day Sex Toy

If all the Hentai stuff excites your lover, then you need to get creative. With a sexy, imaginative toy that is able to plunder the depths of your lover, take your bedroom explorations to the bottom of the ocean. The thick, S-curved Taintacle dildo is built in unexplored territory to go deep-sea diving. Urge your partner to take a deep breath, relax, and lean over. He or she is not going to know what is coming, however you do. With sinuous curves that can dig in deep and tickle all those secret nerve endings, this bulging octo-dildo is thick in all the right places.

Your Anal Valentine

Valentines  day Sex Toy gift idea

Anal play is an exciting way to electrify your love life, but if you and your partner have new territory to explore, then you need a little friend who will be gentle while giving pleasure. Meet the Sigmaloid, which is designed especially for smooth sliding. Slender as a finger, it can probe the depths of your lover as easily as you want. For beginners who want to explore anal play, it’s perfect. In no time, you will have your partner’s toes curling, and then he or she will be able to return the favour.

Show Valentine Your Big Balls!

Valentine's Day Sex Toy funny

Shopping for sex toy gifts that improve your current collection is enjoyable. Say your partner is fucking you with a strap-on or vice versa. What’s missing, hot as that is? Mr Hankey’s dildos are realistic, but when you and your lover are going balls deep, you could always use some real balls. Mister Hankey will help you with that. Thrill your loved one with a package of our Remove-O-Balls, designed to fit all of our toys. The removable balls can also be used as a cock ring.

Butt Bolt it Up on The 14th!

valentine's present sex toy

A Girthy Butt Plug is a must for a truly special sex toy gift. At Mister Hankey’s, it’s the first of its kind, so you need to get your hands on it. It’s shaped like a hex bolt, so for everyone’s fun, it’s ribbed. Only be conscious that this toy is not for people just starting off. The definition of screwing is given a new sense! Since even the smallest Butt Bolt is a monster, the only thing you have to do is find out what size to get.

Gifts to Make it go Smoothly this Valentine’s Day

Anal lube valentines gift sex toy

Pick out the lube that suits your purposes best. For example, you may prefer something unscented. To enjoy something that you won’t continually have to reapply, consider a thick, creamy lube made from mineral oil. You might also want to play with lube based on powder, which is economical and easy to clean. Simply add water!

Trust me, you need a little lube prior to messing around with some XXX toys. Personal lube is for anyone. When you play around all by yourself, you will have fun. When you and anyone else get it on, lube is a must.

Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Gifts Summary

Valentine's day recommended gift Seahorse dildo sex toy

You should certainly consider treating yourself or a lover to a Valentine’s Day Sex Toy to go along with your lovely new harness, or simply for use on it’s own. In order to suit your new harness, you definitely need a toy. What’s the point, otherwise?

Drop a few hints to your partner about what you might like – or just tell them out straight so you get what you really want. Talk to your lover and try to out what kind of dildo they find themselves drawn to. Maybe they would like to try one too but don’t take too long, Valentines Day is on February 14th! Hint – the one above is the Seahorse and it’s our personal favourite at

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